54 His and Hers Gifts: Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2025

Welcome to our curated collection of 54 His and Hers Gifts: Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2025! Whether you’re celebrating a new romance, a long-lasting love, or simply looking to spoil your significant other, we’ve got you covered with a selection of unique and thoughtful gifts. From personalized keepsakes to luxurious experiences, let’s make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable for you and your beloved. Let’s dive in and find the perfect way to show your love and appreciation on this special day!

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His and Hers Gifts The sky on your special day
Buy it now – From $30.74

The sky on your special day

The sky that you see on the print was the specific alignment of the stars at the location you were when your life changed forever.

His and Hers Gifts Movies poster scratch off
Buy it now – $21.58

100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

Tired of deciding or fighting over what to watch on a movie night, just scratch off. Unless you want the extra large Top 250 Movie Bucket List Scratch off Poster at an even cheaper price of $14.98.

Luxury bathtub tray His and Hers Gifts
Buy it now – $49.97

Luxury bathtub tray

A way to create special moments in the bath tub, this is a perfect his and hers gift, especially on Valentine’s day if you plan a night in.

Fleecehug hoodie His and Hers Gifts
Buy it now – $34.99

His and Hers Wearable Fleecehug Hoodie

Cuddle up together in these fleece hoodie, especially if you work from home, it will feel like you never got out of bed. There are almost 5000 reviewers saying how soft and amazing this is.

His and Hers Gifts vouples bucket list
Buy it now – $49.99

The couple’s bucket list

100 fresh date nights idea starters that’ll bring sparkle between the couples in a cute and fun way that’ll reconnect you again. 

3D photo His and Hers Gifts
Buy it now – $34.99

His and Hers Personalized 3D Photo

Transform your favorite photo into a 3D acrylic lightup illusion, you will surely score some points with your significant other.

His and Hers Gifts kissing mugs
Buy them now – $24.90

The His and Hers Kissing Mugs

Start Valentine’s day with a surprise breakfast in bed and these cute kissing mugs, it will be the best start to a Valentine’s day. Also avaiable in black and white here, but on this day red is the color.

His and Hers Gifts our moments card game
Buy it now – $18.95

Our moments fun conversation cards game

Quality time for you and your partner, enjoy date night in a completely new way. This card game for couples is a sure fire way to get the sparks flying between you two! It will get you out of your comfort zone and remind you why you are together in the first place.

His and Hers Gifts Owl noodle soup bowl
Buy it now – $18.95 each

His and Hers Owl noodle soup bowl

Are you Asia food lovers? Well, it doesn’t have to be noodles and these bowls will remind you of this special day every time you eat from them.

Gratitude Tree
Buy it now – $18

Gratitude Tree

Share your appreciations and write what you’re thankful for on the leaves of this gratitude tree. A great way to save happy thoughts and memories, and as a bonus it looks cute. So why not start growing your tree of gratitude together!

Buy it now – $60

Intimate Art Kit

The art of love, the most intimate art work you will ever own and best of all it this will reflect your love.

Buy them now – $37.95

Nutella His and Hers Shirts

Who doesn’t love Nutella, there are so many delicious things you can do with it, check these 13 Things to Do With Nutella Other Than Eating it Straight From the Jar. And if you are not a fan, check out these his and hers shirt selection here.

Buy it now – Starting from $29.95

Date Box Subscription

How about you surprise your self while gifting your significant other with this monthly subscription, this date night box includes 4 to 5 challenges or activities to help inspire laughter and strengthen your relationship. Something different each month!

His and Hers Gifts Valentines Day Custom Engraving Handmade Matching Couples Rope Braided
Buy them now – $13.68

Engraved His and Hers Braided Bracelets

Remind each other how crazy in love you are with these his and hers bracelets. Also available with other inscriptions!

Mr and Mrs Travel Set

Newly weds or not, this is a perfect his and her gift for the travel lovers out there. Go on your next vacay in style, maybe you could add a surprise flight to your dream vacation inside the box aswel.

His and Hers gift Matching Necklaces for Couples Magnetic Love Heart
Buy them now – $11.99

His and Hers Magnetic Love Heart Necklaces

Love attracts and so do these magnetic love heart necklaces, when together, two halfs as one.

Buy it now – $69.95

Personalized Cork Holder

Collect your corks everything you drink a bottle of wine together maybe even add a note or date on the corks. Make every bottle count! For those who are a mix of beer and wine lovers, we found a second option, a Wine Cork & Beer Cap Holder for $29.79, although this one isn’t personalized.

Buy it now – $85

Personalized Tree Wood Carving

Carving your initials on a tree can harm it (read why here), respect trees and get the next-best thing and best of all it’s in your own home, or your parner.

Buy it now – From $43

His and Hers Book of Love

Create your own personalized Valentine’s day book with all the reason you love them, this unique gift will surely put a smile on your partners face.

Buy it now – $54

His and Hers Personalized key holder

His and Hers and the pup, get all three names personalized on this beautiful wooden key holder and include your pup this Valentine’s day.

Buy it now – From $30.69

Personalized His and Hers Canvas Sign

Exceed his or her expectations this Valentine’s day and surprise them with this canvas sign and her your names, a favourite quote or if married your vows. Maybe sneakily hanging it on the wall before they come back from work.

Buy them now – $40

His and Hers Spiderman Shirts

You have to admit that even if you are not into comics, these his and hers shirts are cute together. But in the case that you are lucky enough to have found your significant other with the same likes take a look at more superhero his and hers shirts here.

But them now – $24.99

His and Hers Naughty Couple Pillowcases

What would their reaction be when you take your partner to be to find these funny pillow cases, why not an additional surprise at the end of a great night out.

Buy them now – $22

The Love Tokens

Of course you can always make your own love token out of paper for free, but these will last forever and also come in an attractive pouch.

His and Hers Initials Dancing Mosaic Letters

You will surely not miss seeing this eye-catching artwork when anyone enters the room while also taking care of the environment since it’s made out of recycled aluminum.

Buy it now – $21

His and Hers Personalized Socks

Get a pair for each other with these customizable socks. Personalized tips: My sole mate along with your partner’s name and yours on the other pair or maybe it’s your first valentine’s day together writing “First Valentine’s and dates or even “your pet names”. We are sure you can come up with something meaningful

Buy it now – From $16.39

His and Hers Personalized Art

Art and a love message! This romantic gesture will surely make your partner happy on Valentine’s day. Also, if you are on a tight schedule you can order this in a pdf and get it printed locally so get going if you are a till last minute person! Oh! and you can even customize the hair clothes and body.

His and hers gifts Engraved Cutting Board
Buy it now – $34

Personalized Message Rotating Tray

Remind them of your love every time they chop something on this cutting board, can even be used to serve cheese or snacks on it. Shipping to United States only.

Buy them now – $12.99

His and Hers Talking Pints

It doesn’t have to be beer, just pour in your favourite drinks! Take a sip and see what the next conversation is, just don’t drink it all at once! Perfect for a first his and hers gift for your very first Valentine’s day together.

His and hers gifts Secret message bracelet 1
Buy them now – $80

His and Hers Secret Message Bracelets

Remind each other of this very special Valentine’s day every day. Engraved with you own message and can be two different messages on both, all you need is the perfect message.

Chess and Backgammon Cheese Board Game

A great addition for the game enthusiasts, especially chess lovers. Cheese up your game, eat the captured pawn, literally. Perfect his and hers gift for playing at home or on a romantic Valentine’s day picnic. One side Chess, flip it and you also have Backgammon.

His and Hers gifts Towels
Buy them now – $25.99

His and Hers Hand Towels

Surprise you significant other with a relaxing bath at home. Prepare a relaxing bath, light up some candles get a nice bottle of wine, add some petals and with a touch of romantic music, and don’t forget to put up these pair of hand towels. For first timers, here’s a guide on how to make an ultimate relaxing bath.

Buy it now – $15

What to Watch Streaming Decider Dice

Stop wasting time deciding what to watch next, Just roll these dices, prepare the popcorn and snuggle up. There are 216 possible combos that can come up! A second option or why not get both, the Do Something Dice for only $12.

Buy them now – $85

Personalized Wine and Beer Duo

You done have to like the same drink to make the perfect couple, enjoy your favorite drink together in your favorite personalized glassware.

Buy them now – $50.99

Quartz Wrist Watches Gift Set

These will make both of you happy at an affordable price, wear these pair hearts design watches on you Valentine’s day night out. Make your significant feel priceless just like time! Also available in leather and different designs.

Buy it now – $32.80

Hands Forever Canvas Wall Art

Are thinking of redecorating, or just want to show your partner how much you love to hold hands.

Buy it now – $79.99

Picnic Backpack

This picnic backpack if full of all the things you need for a romantic picnic, just pack up some food and champagne and go to your favorite spot. We know this is for 4 people, but this time leave your friends behind! More colors available.

Buy it now – $85

Personalized Hearts Four-Across Game

Start a game and wait until they realize there is a personalized message, this will bring up smiles each time you play together.

Buy it now – $39.99

Personalized “Where We First Met” Map Jigsaw Puzzle

A unique, romantic gift for Valentine’s day, this jigsaw puzzle is a light-hearted but tender way to celebrate love and relationships. Maybe even start a tradition putting this puzzle together every year.

Buy it now – From $22

Lonely Planet 1000 Ultimate Guides

It’s doesn’t matter where you are going, it’s who you are going with, but these books will surely help get and do the best things the world has to offer.

His and Hers gifts gamers keychain
Buy them now – $10.99

Player 1 Player 2 Couples Keychain

Gamers that found each other will surely love this rings set. Question is, who is going to be Player 1?

Buy it now – $29.99

Deluxy Mr. & Mrs. Drink Set

This one is for the married couple! Who doesn’t like to celebrate with a couple of drinks on Valentine’s Day! And for those that do not like alcohol, these stainless steel cups are also good for non alcoholic cold drinks, hot coffee and tea.

3D heart His and Hers Gifts
Buy it now – $99

3D Crystal Heart

Convert your favorite photo into this unique 3D Crystals, they have a wide variety of shapes. We have to say that it’s an impressive piece of technology, the front is static and the back follows you around, check their cool video ad here.

Pizza roulette His and Hers Gifts
Buy it now – $50

Pizza Roulette Cut & Serve Board

Make eating pizza even more fun, or not! But it will surely take care of who does the chores. Sharing is caring, so grab a slice and share the chores!

Cooking class His and Hers Gifts
Subscribe now – From $65

Goldbelly – Live Cooking Classes from Home

Reserve your spot from a selection of different cuisines, real time cooking classes. Learning how to cook is always fun especially with your significant other, time to cook with love!

His and Hers gift ideas Matching Pyjama
Buy them now – $56

Big Spoon Little Spoon Pyjama set

Are you the spooning type, you will surely look cute in these PJs. Who will spoon who tonight?

His and hers gifts camping hammock double
Buy it now – From $21.99

Double Hammock

This will come in handy if you also plan to get the Lonely Planet 1000 Ultimate Experiences book we mentioned above in this page, with some amazing places to relax on this hammock with a beautiful view, unless you already know the perfect spots, so cuddle up under the stars on Valentine’s day and share your dreams and wishes. Available in over 20 different colors.

His and Hers Gifts King Queen Satin Robe Set
Buy them now – $98

His and Hers Satin Robes

Perfect his and hers gift after nice warm bath together, these satin robes will make you fell like a Queen and King!

pot for His and Hers Gifts
Buy it now – $25

Face Planter Pot

First get their favorite flower/plant, second get this pot, third write something meaningful such as “Love grows here”, “Let’s watch this grow together” or their favorite quote and don’t forget to keep what seed you planted a secret! They will have to find out when it blooms.

Nintendo switch lite His and Hers Gifts
Buy it now – $199

Nintendo Switch Lite

You can get two of these! but with only one you can have fun for lots of hours, since this Valentine’s day happens to be on a Monday why not have some fun at home. If you don’t know what you can do with this console check out Nintendo’s Switch trailer here.

His and Hers Gifts AirBnb

Airbnb Experiences

Go for a unique experience locally or any part of the world, Airbnb’s offer a selection of 100s of experiences led by a world of hosts. We are sure you can find something you both will love, from food to animal lovers, adventures to history and culture to even online experiences, without leaving home.

I Forking Love You His and Hers Gifts
Buy them now – $9.99

His and Hers “I Forking Love You” Forks

Say I love you with home cooked surprise meal, or maybe you could just present her these as when asking her “Will you move in with me?”. Happy forking!

His and Hers Gifts talk flirt dare game
Buy it now – $24.50

Talk, Flirt, Dare! Game

This is perfect for couples that started dating recently, get to know each other in an exciting way and with the help of this game, but this can also work to reignite and deepen a relationship. Enjoy a nice dinner out, get back home and just when they think the night is over take this game out and surprise! game on!

Apron His and Hers Gifts
Buy them now – $19.99

The Boss & The Real Boss Apron

The perfect his and hers gift for those who love to cook together. Now how about putting these on and cook a romantic dinner at home for Valentine’s day, in style!

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