70+ Couples Halloween Costumes for 2024

Prepare to haunt the night with spine-chilling style! Welcome to our crypt of 70+ Couples Halloween Costumes for 2024, where we’ve summoned an eerie array of bone-chilling ensembles to bewitch and bedevil. As the veil thins and the shadows lengthen, it’s time to unleash your inner spirits and embrace the macabre together.

From timeless horrors to ghastly delights, we’ve curated a spectral selection of costumes that will send shivers down spines and raise hairs on end. Whether you’re conjuring classic monsters, paying homage to horror legends, or embodying wickedly delightful characters, we’ve unearthed the perfect costumes to make this Halloween a frightfully fantastic affair for you and your partner.

So, gather your courage, embrace the darkness, and venture forth into the night clad in the most fiendishly fabulous attire. Let’s embark on a journey into the realm of the supernatural, where the spirits roam free and the thrill of the unknown awaits. Together, let’s make this Halloween a hauntingly unforgettable experience for all who dare to cross our path!

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TV/Movie & Video Games Couples Halloween Costumes

Back to the Future Couples Costume – Marty McFly & Jennifer Parker

Personally, one of the greatest movies of all time “Back to the Future“. Why not get these Couples Halloween Costumes to be the famous Marty McFly and Jennifer Parker, or if you want to make it more fun and mix it up, one of you can be the Doc ($59.99). You can even get the Hoverboard prop for just $9.99 and if you are a real Back to the Future fan, the amazing Light Up Back to the Future ll Shoes for $99.99. All you have to do is choose which year you want to celebrate Halloween!

Womens Deluxe Grease Bad Sandy Couples Halloween Costumes
But it now – $49.99

Grease – Danny & Sandy

Danny’s costume includes just the jacket, you can get Danny’s Deluxe Wig for $19.99, as for Sandy’s costume comes with shirt, pants and belt, Sandy’s wig costs $12.99, so start practicing those moves, attitudes and dance the night away in these 50s style Couples Halloween Costumes.

Harry Potter Couples Halloween Costume

Harry Potter isn’t just for the kiddos and this Deluxe Harry Potter Couples Halloween Costumes will bring your favorite wizard to life. And if you want to complete the whole costume, all you will need are the glasses, Harry’s wand and Hermione’s wand. So start practicing the magic for this Halloween, and if you need some help remembering your favorite spell, go to this page.

Mortak Kombat – Sub-Zero & Sonya Blade

Sub-Zero costume features printed jumpsuit with attached tabard and mask included, for a higher quality Sub-Zero costume for $49.99, the Deluxe Raiden Costume for $59.99 or the Deluxe Scorpion costume for $54.27, choose you fighter! Sonya Blade top features printed badge and standing collar, pants have attached belt and leg holster, also inluded are the belt, gloves, arm pieces, elbow and knee pads. Finish him!

Game of Thrones – Mother of Dragons & Jon Snow

If you’ve got your sights on becoming a Dragon Queen and a Dark Northern King, these are probably the best Halloween couple costumes. You will need no introduction as you make an entrance, Game of Thrones is one of the most recently watched TV series.

Vikings Couples Halloween Costume – Ragnar Lothbrok & Lagertha Lothbrok

For the fans of the TV series Vikings, this will be perfect for this Halloween. Although you need the looks to pull of the Ragnar costume, you can still be just a regular viking, as for Lagertha, just need to be blonde and a hairdo. The shield and the weapon come at an extra cost: Ragnar’s shield ($19.99) and the axe for $14.99, Lagertha’s shield ($24.99) and sword for $14.99.

Jurassic Park – Dr. Grant & Dr. Ellie Sattler

The paleontologists for Halloween could be fun, when you enter a room everyone will be worried a T-Rex will join the party, well you can make that happen with this Jurassic World T-Rex Costume or a women’s Deadly Dinosaur Costume both at $54.99, oh hell, you can even forget being paleontologists and just be both the scary and deadly dinosaurs, up to you. Either way this should be fun!

Ghostbusters Couples Costume

Are you ready to let loose with some serious ghosthunting powers this Halloween? The women’s costume comes with the dress, belt, proton backpack with wand and 4 name patches, other option for women are the sexy daring Ghostbuster in short or in long pants. The men’s costume includes the jumpsuit, proton backpack with wand and all 4 name patches. Now, who you gonna call !?

Wilma Flintstone Fred Flintstone Couples Halloween Costumes
But it now – $29.99 & $39.99

Wilma Flintstone & Fred Flintstone Couples Costume

Bring these stone age characters back to life this Halloween. Both cosumes come with everything you see in the above image, humans not included!

The Smurfs Couples Halloween Costumes

The cute Smurfette costume comes with the dress, leggings and hat, the wig is available here for $14.99 and for a pair of white heels ($34.99), which will be a great addition for the shoe lovers. Papa Smurf comes with the shirt, pants and hat with attached beard unless he wants to go with the Adult Smurf Costume for just $29.99, just watch out for Gargamel and Azrael.

Star Wars Couples Halloween Costumes

Not only is this Princess Leia costume reminiscent of her classic Star Wars look, it’s got a little added flair for a modern twist. Show off a little skin while still portraying a strong female figure with this sexy Princess Leia costume this Halloween, wig included. Luke’s costume comes with the robe, pants, hooded cape amd belt, you can also get a Jedi lightsaber for $12.99 here.

Scooby Doo Couples Costume – Daphne & Fred

Scooby Scooby Doo here are you…. Ready to solve some mysteries? Daphne could solve the mystery all by herself… but why? Team up with Fred or any other memeber of the team, Velma, Shaggy or even the cute Scooby Doo, which is available for men or women. The women’s Scoob Doo costume is adorable!

Money Heist Couples Halloween Costumes
But it now – $27.99 each

Money Heist Couples Costume

This Couples Halloween Costumes will put yourselves in the shoes of Spain’s most nefarious bank robbers and start planning your candy heist for this Halloween.

Funny Couples Halloween Costumes

Plug and Socket Couples Halloween Costumes
But it now – $34.99

Plug and Socket Couples Costume

Just plug n play! We dare you to walk around your neighbourhood in this Couples Halloween Costumes.

Sneaker Couples Halloween Costumes
But it now – $31.99

Sneaker Couples Costume

We promise, these sneakers are brand new and not smelly. They are easy pull over costumes, just tie your laces and get your Halloween mood on.

Adult Battery Jumper Cables Couples Halloween Costumes
But it now – $59.99

Battery & Jumper Cables Couples Halloween Costume

Now that the world is turning to electric vehicles, this would come in handy. Just don’t over charge her.

King and Queen Card Couples Halloween Costumes
But it now – $28.99

King and Queen Card Couples Costume

Show your friends who’s the king and queen this Halloween. Could also be funny on a poker night!

Soap and Loofah Couples Halloween Costumes
But it now – $37.99

Soap and Loofah Costume

Some things just go better together, these two fit perfectly. Just remember these Couples Halloween Costumes are hand wash only!

Wine and Cheese Couples Halloween Costumes
But it now – $39.97

Wine and Cheese Couples Costume

Take out the wine and make it a cheesy Halloween. You will probably fight on who gets to be the wine.

Secret Service POTUS Couples Halloween Costumes
But it now – $39.99 & $44.99

Inflatable POTUS & Secret Service Couples with Baby Costume

This one is for the newly parents, why not include your child for his/her first Halloween, and no need for carrying. You can always switch when one gets tired of carrying the big guy!

Bowling Ball Pin Couples Halloween Costumes
But it now – $34.99

Bowling Ball & Pin Couples Costume

Let’s go bowling in this Couples Halloween Costumes or to a Halloween party, just don’t hit the pin with the ball.

Chess King and Queen Couples Halloween Costumes
But it now – $21.99

Chess King and Queen Couples Costume

Let open this Halloween with a Queen’s Gambit. We hope the King can keep up!

Couples Shirts for Halloween

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Couples Halloween Costumes
But it now – $26.61

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Decals

A set of hats and decals to attach to your shirts, funny and a quick costume.

Halloween Couples Costume Trick or Treat
But it now – $40.57

Halloween Trick or Treat Couples T-Shirts

You don’t have to go trick or treating, just go party.

Shes My Trick Hes My Treat Couples Halloween Costumes
But it now from – $19.50 each

She’s My Trick, He’s My Treat Halloween Couples T-Shirts

These shirts can be personalized, so he can be your trick and she can be your treat, or what ever you want to be.

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater T Shirt Couples Halloween Costumes
But it now – $19.67

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater Halloween Couples T-Shirt

Peter Peter Pumpkin eater 😉

Spooky Babe Spooky Hunk Matching Halloween Shirt Couples His and Hers Couple T Shirts Couples Halloween Costumes
But it now – $25.50 each

Spooky Babe, Spooky Hunk Matching Halloween Couples T-Shirts

You don’t have to look spooky to be spooky.

Her Jack His Sally Couples Halloween Costumes
But it now from – $21 each

Her Jack, His Sally Halloween Couples Shirts

For The Nightmare Before Christmas fans, these are Jack & Sally.

Adult Incredibles T Shirt Costume Couples Halloween Costumes
But it now – $19.99 each

Incredibles T-Shirt

You don’t have to wear bulky costumes to be superheroes, just 2 shirts and grab an eye mask here for only $3.99 each.

Netflix and Chill Couples Costume Couples Halloween Costumes
But it now – $33.21

Netflix and Chill Couples Costume

Who doesn’t like to Netflix and chill, now you can show everyone. But first decide who is Chill and who is Netflix.

Skeleton Two Person Long Sleeve T Shirt Costume Couples Halloween Costumes
But it now – $14.99

Skeleton Two Person Long Sleeve T-Shirt Costume

Don’t forget to wear something underneath just in case you want to take this off in public and remember to keep the inside hands to yourself or not!

Skeleton Hoodie Couples Costume

What! a hoodie that becomes a mask, cool! At time of publication the men’s skeleton hoodie was available in XL only, we managed to find more sizes of this one on amazon here although a bit more expensive at $70. The women’s hoodie which only comes in medium size sells for $39.99 leggings not included, so you just get the shirt for $39.99.

Historical Couples Halloween Costumes

50s themed Couples Halloween Costumes
But it now – $64.98

50s Couples Halloween Costume

I personally would love to go back in the 50s, so why not take a trip to the golden age this Halloween.

70s Couples Halloween Costume

Perhaps you are dancers or perhaps just like the 70s fashion, either way these costumes are perfect for dancing the night away.

80s Themed Couples Costume

The fashion era! Probably the greatest decade is the 80s. Why not relive it in fashion. The men’s costume can also pull of the MC Hammer look. U Can’t Touch This!

Gangster & Flapper Couples Costume

Another classic couples costume, gansters are bad and cool, so why not look like the most dangerous couple in your hometown this Halloween. Flapper costume comes with only the dress and headband, so her are some optional items below.

Extras: Plastic Giant Cigarette Holder ($2.99), set of 6 Fake Cigarettes ($3.99), Feather Boa ($8.99), Black Flapper Gloves ($9.99), Bank Money Bag ($9.99), Plastic Cigar ($1.99) and a Toy Uzi Machine Gun ($9.99).

Cowboy & Cowgirl Couples Costume

Another badass costume! The women’s costume comes with the dress, hat and belt with attached buckle, you have to get your own boots. The men’s costume comes with vest, western duster, dickey with attached cravat, hat and holsters, get a toy gun here for $7.19 and if he wants to be the Wild West Sheriff Badge for $3.99.

Egyptian Couples Costume – Cleopatra & Pharaoh

Probably the most famous female ruler, Clepatra the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt and a Pharaoh. Both costumes come with everything apart from shoes and staff, but you can get onefrom the list here.

Roman Empress & Roman Warrior couples costume

Bring back to life the Roman Empire, one of the largest empires in history. You will both look great and powerful in these couple costumes this Halloween.

Scary Couples Halloween Costumes

Beetlejuice Couples Costume

Fopr the fans of the amazing Tim Burton’s Beatlejuice movie. The men’s costume is a bit pricey, which comes including everything, the jacket, shirt, pants, tie, wig and makeup, we found a way for you to save some money, costume at $39.99 here, the wig for $14.70 here and a deluxe Beetlejuice makeup kit with instructions for $14.99 here, saving you $60.31, consider this, getting the women’s Beetlejuice costume for free, which includes the dress, veil and hoop and for an extra $14.99 the wig here.

Bride & Groom Ghost Couples Costume

Why not be the ghosts this Halloween, married or not this will haunt your friends and family. The bride costume comes with the dress and veil, additionally you can get artificial black roses bouquet here for only $6.97. As fir the groom’s costume, shirt front with attached bow tie, jacket, pants and cummerbund. Additionally a ghost wig for only $16.19 and white makeup for a ghostly face only $4.99. We also found a cheaper option for you, a couples ghost costume, women’s haunting ghost and a men’s chained ghost costume for a total of only $55, you’ll just need the makeup.

Mummies Couples Costume

Coming from the Egyptians, the mummies are always scary, well who wouldn’t be afraid of the living dead. Grab your white face makeup here and spook some people out this Halloween.

Skeleton Couples Holloween Costume

The women’s skeleton costume is one long dress, another nice touch is to paint the nails black and for a skeleton face makeup check this easy to do, Youtube tutorial here. And if she wants to go for the sexy skeleton, X-Ray skeleton jumpsuit Costume. The men’s costume is a one standard size, head-to-toe jumpsuit and costs only $19.99, and if you want to add an extra censored bone to the costume check the Skeleboner ($34.99) or maybe going to a party where there is UV light and you can dance in a glowing skeleton costume or just grab this 9 LED UV black light and sneak up on someone at home glowing in this men’s Glow Skeleton Morphsuit Costume.

Voodoo Witch & Voodoo Doll Halloween Couples Costume

For those that where born in the 80’s might know this, but for me Voodoo always remind me of one of my all time favourite funny movies “Weekend at Bernie’s II“, for those who like funny movies and haven’t watch it, I suggest you do! The men’s Voodoo costume comes in 3 pieces as for the women’s Voodoo costume comes with the dress, skirt, headband, belt, scarf, pouch and a pair of ankle ties, the Voodoo Witch Wig cost $24.99 and additionally a Bone Necklace for $4.99 will complete the costume. Now, this Voodoo Halloween couples costume can go other way round, the women can be the voodoo doll choosing either the costume in the image above or a female Voodoo doll here and Voodoo dude here. If you want to do your own makeup, check out these Youtube totorials for women and men.

Nightmare Before Christmas – Jack Skellington & Sally

Jack’s costume comes with jacket, bowtie and ascot, you can buy a vacuform mask here or if you want to win the costume contest, you can make your own makeup or have Sally do it for you with this amazing Youtube tutorial. As for Sally, the petticoat, pair of glovettes and character wig are included and you can either get thing easy with the adhesive stitches kit here or go full on makeup with this Youtube tutorial here.

Chucky & Bride of Chucky

You’ll need no introduction in these Couples Halloween Costumes as you bust into your next costume party in these costumes, everyone remembers Chucky which includes the jumsuit and mask. The bride comes with dress and jacket and will stand by Chucky no matter what. Additionally you can get a veil for $6.99 here and hey maybe you will need it some time in the future, for you chucky, we have the bloody knife here for only $8.45.

Gothic Vampire & Count Dracula Couples Costume

Bite me! Vampire Costume for Men Includes Shirt with Attached Vintage Vampire Vest and Jabot, Cape with Stand-Up Maroon Collar and Vampire Cane and the Gothic vampire costume comes with dress and belt, additionally you can get 3 pairs of Vampire teeth for $7.47 here.

Devil & Angel Couples Costume

Even the devil can be sexy, and Lucifer Morningstar from TV series Lucifer just proves it, you can go with either red face makeup for $4.99 or a deluxe devil mask for $24.99. Even though the Angel isn’t scary these two will go great as couple costumes, dress, belt, halo and wings are included and for the shoe lovers, womens gold goddess heels go for $39.99, else you can both be devils with this women’s devil costume for the same price, but there will be no balance and all hell will break loose.

Scarecrow Couples Halloween Costumes
But it now – $39.99 & $49.99

Scarecrow Couples Costumes

Do you have a front yard? I suggest you pose as scarecrows there and wait for trick or treaters, that will scare the s*** out of them.

Frankenstein and his Bride

The Frankenstein costume includes the headpiece, neck bolts, jacket, shirt and pants, optionally you can get the green cream makeup for $4.99 here or go for the Big Frankenstein costume if don’t mind a full mask. The bride comes with the dress, robe, corset and the choker and if you prefer to spend the night in pants, check out this women’s Frankenstein costume here. To make things easier go for the stapled and stitched temporary tattoo kit for just $6.99.

The Addams Family Couples Costume – Motricia Addams & Gomez Addams

I’d suggest downloading the theme song to your mobile, play it on speakersphone or a portable bluetooth speaker and walk around your hometown in these Addams family couple costumes to creep out your neighbours, well anyone on your way.

Evil Clown Couples Costume – Pennywise IT Movie & Woman Killer Clown

If you are a fan of one of the scariest movies of all time, Stephen King’s IT this couples costume is for you, so start pacticing that evil laugh for this Halloween. IT’s costume comes complete with Shirt, pants, collar and mask, yes it is a bit pricey but surely worth it, though if you want a less expensive normal scary clown costume for $39.99, we suggest checking this one here. As for the women’s killer clown costume, includes the dress, foorless tights and hat headband, the white afro wig is available at an extra $5.99.

Zombie Couples Costume – School Girl & School Boy

For the zombie movie or the TV serie The Walking Dead fans, these outfits will surely scare a lot of people especially if you sneak on them from behing.

The school girl outfit come with a one piece jacket/shirt, tie and skirt for the school boy one piece jacket/shirt, tie and pants, extras available at an additional cost, such as for an easy and simple way of doing your own makeup check this youtube tutorial here. If you are the kind of DIY person, I would suggest making your own costume, especially geting to save around $100, just find some old clothes you don’t use anymore and watch this youtube tutorial on how to make zombie clothes.

Some other additional features and effects you might be interesting in: Bone fracture ($15.99), Knife in chest ($16.99), Creepy Zombie Wig for women ($14.99) & Slit Throat ($9.99).

Uniform Couples Halloween Costumes

Woman Prisoner & Male Cop Couples Costume

We all know it’s true. Guys look handsome in a uniform and orange is the new black.

Nun & Priest Couples Costumes

Have you ever wanted to star in your own Sister act? or in case she prefer to be a naughty nun, here’s a sexy nun costume, which would come in handy for other occations. And for the men’s part be prepared that everyone will be looking to tell you their problems.

Military Couples Costume

Get teamed up for special forces mission, Operation “Halloween 21”. The men’s costume comes with jumpsuit, vest, helmet, face mask, gloves, belt and the toy granades, binoculars, knife and walkie talkie. The women’s costume has the jumpsuit and body harness and additionally the female can apply military style face makeup, you can also view this Youtube tutorial here for an even nicer miliraty look.

NASA Astronaut Couples Costume

Maybe this costume will convice Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos to take both of you on their next trip to space for free.

Police Woman & Male Burglar Couples Costume

Is she a good cop or a dirty cop? Dirty is always sexier and maybe the burglar won’t run away. Handcuffs included just in case you are wondering.

Firefighters Couples Halloween Costumes

Why not one of the sexiest uniforms and instead of puting out fire, start some fires with this sexy firefighter uniform. The women’s costume comes with a jacket, shirt, pants, and helmet and the men’s costume comes with shirt, pants and suspenders. Additionally you can get a helmet and a plastic axe for $10 each.

Doctor and Nurse Couples Halloween Costume

Yet another sexy costume for the hottest couple of Halloween 2022. Nurse costume comes with the wrap dress, apron, hat and stethoscope, the red heels makes a great sexy look so if she doesn’t have one, we found one for $35.99 here, which can be used for other occasions. Now, the doctor costume comes with the coat, top, trousers, hat, mask (which you probably already have) and a clear name tag, for an additional $7.99 you get an authentic stethoscope. Or for just $19.99 a scrubs costume including the stethoscope. One more tip, these costumes can also be used for other occasions, if you get what I mean 😉

Pilot & Flight Attendant

Are you both hodophiles? Why not be there flight crew this Halloween. The sexy attendant costume comes with the dress, necktie, hat, 2 flight pins and yes the bag is also included, so start practicing does emergancy instructions. As cor the pilot costume, this comes with a jacket, hat, collar with necktie and a ”Mile High Pilot Hugh Jorgan” name badge, so prepare for take off!

Superhero Couples Halloween Costumes

Sexy Spider Girl Catsuit Spider Man Partysuit Couples Halloween Costumes
But it now – $39.99 & $49.99

Sexy Spider-Girl Catsuit & Spider-Man Partysuit

The sexy super heroes, web-sling to the Halloween party together, that would be a great entrance. Also available, Spider-Man muscle jumpsuit here.

Zorro Couples Halloween Costumes

How about a classic, the charming Zorro and the sexy Spanish senorita this Halloween.

Marvel Captain America & Black Widow

Have you ever wanted to save the world? Start by saving Halloween 2022 with these superhero couple costumes.

The Incredibles – Mrs. Incredible & Mr. Incredible

The best thing about these incredible couple costumes is if you have kids, especially a girl and a boy you can include them and be all incredibles. Just pick their costumes here.

Batman & Girl Robin Couples Costume

Make this Halloween a dark knight, Batman and for a better twist sexy Robin, unless you think Batman and Catwoman are a better couple!

X-Men Couples costume – Wolverine & Jean Grey

For the X-Men lovers, a Wolverine costume that includes everything in the set and the amazing Jean Grey will surely turn heads on this Halloween night and worry not if you do not have red hair we got you cover with a 28″ red wig here at just $10.99.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn & Joker

Harley is one of our favorite little devious sweetheart and she’s always out to wreak some havoc, not to mention teaming up with the Joker.

Other Couples Halloween Costumes

Day of the Dead

Celebrate Halloween in a Day of the Dead inspired costume in Spanish style.

Uncle Sam & The Statue of Liberty

Uncle Sam’s costume comes with the jacket, pants, bow tie and hat, the beard is an important part but not included so we can recomend either this wig and beard set for $14.66 or if you already got the beard, this washable white hair color wax, which can turn your hair white in just a few seconds. The statue of liberty just got sexy, the dress, headpiece and torch included just pick the perfect shoes and stop injustice in your home town with Uncle Sam.

The Little Red Riding Hood

Halloween is a great excuse to relive a fairy tale. Oh, wolf, please don’t eat the cute granny and take care of your significant other.

The Matador and the Bull

We are no fans of this sport in real life, but hey as long as this isn’t hurting anyone let’s charge the Matador! Everything comes with the costumes apart from the shoes.

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