51 Unique Gifts For Mom: Meaningful and Sentimental

Whatever the occasion is, her birthday, Mother’s day or Christmas it’s never too early to search for the perfect gift for mom and we know that sometimes it’s hard to find that perfect gift. So below we have thoughtfully prepared a list that meets all budgets, for as little as $8 to over $200, to which you can also team up with a sibling for a more expensive gift and also showing her your bond.

Even if she claims that has everything, here you will find something that will make your mom’s life a little better. And remember moms love personalized gifts, especially if she never received one!

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Long Distance Friendship Lamp

Do you live far apart from your mom? Brighten up your mother’s day from anywhere in the world. These lamps will sync together and when you touch your lamp it emits the same ambient glow, no matter where it is! show your mom you are thinking of her. You can even synch more than 2 lamps, so if your brother or sister want to get in on it the gift, each lamp can have an assigned color so your mom will even know who is thinking of her at that moment. Also available as a Friendship frame or in a rounded shape here.

Weather Predicting Blue Swan
Buy it now – $32

Weather Predicting Black Swan

No this is not made for wine! This is science and artistry together in an elegant, hand-blown glass barometer in the shape of a swan. The way it works is when atmospheric pressure is high, indicating fair weather ahead, the black liquid inside sinks low in the neck. When atmospheric pressure is low and the liquid rises towards the swan’s head, a storm is on the way. This system was used by sailors for over 400 years, but not as elegant as this one.

Unique gift for mom 4 Straw Woven Elastic Waist Belts
Buy them now – $22.99

A Gift for a Stylish Mom: 4 Elastic Waist Belts

Four gifts are better than one! Take your mom out for lunch in one of these belts which will go perfectly with dresses, long shirts, coats, casual and formal making it look more elegant. Remeber, stylish gifts don’t have to be from dauther, they can also be from the son.

Unique gift for mom What I Love about Mom Fill in the Love Book Fill in the Blank Gift Journal
Buy it now – $10

A Gift for the Best Mom: Fill-in-the-Blank Book

This fun to do fill-in-the-blank book will surely make your mom happy, show her what she means to you. She will surely read this sentimental gift more than once over time.

Unique gift for mom Sheila Heti Motherhood 1
Buy it now – $10

A Gift for Mom that Loves to Read: Motherhood: A Novel by Sheila Heti

If she loves reading books, this fits perfectly for your mom. For in writing about motherhood, Heti is also writing about femininity and vocation, embodiment and mortality, history and freedom.

Unique gift for mom Fell Asleep Here Magnetic Bookmark
Buy it now – $20

A Gift for Mom that Falls Asleep: Magnetic Bookmark

This cute and funny magnetic bookmark will go perfectly with the above book, or any other book in that matter, especially if your mom is the a sleepy reader.

A Gift for Mom that Loves Avocado

For the moms that love avocado. Either the multi-tool which can cut, pit and scoop easily or the silicone covers to keep the cut fruit fresh, I would go for both and why not a couple of fresh avocados and make some guacamole with the worlds best mom.

Pampering Gift Set
Buy it now – $26.99

A Gift for Mom that needs a Little Pampering

A mom always deserves a little her time, treat her to a spa without her even have to leave home, perfect way to a relaxing evening.

Unique gift for mom Hand Drawn Mama Necklace
Buy it now – $78

Hand-Drawn “Mom” Necklace

Gift your mom this handmade sterling silver and bronze necklace with the first word you said to her. Your gift close to her heart.

Unique gifts for mom Personalized Inspirational bangle
Buy it now – $14.99

A Unique Gift for Mom that’s Inspirational

A mom is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend. Show her what she means to you with this bangle that she will surely love wearing, maybe even show off to her friends. Multiple engraved words to choose from.

Unique gift for mom Super Mom Mug
Buy it now – $30

A Gift for the Super Mom

How about this unique personalized gift for mom! You have the option to customize her name and even the mom’s appearance on the mug.

Unique gift for mom my favorite child gave me this mug
Buy it now – $19

A Gift for Mom from the Favorite Child

Are you the favorite daughter or son? If so, this will help you prove it. This fancy mug will surely bring smiles to the ones with a sense of humor, just make sure no one hets too jealous! And if she has too many mugs, you can also go for a glass or cup here.

Personalized Hand Written Letter Blanket
Buy it now – $36.99

Unique Gift for Mom: Blanket Letter to Mom

This blanket letter is a unique gift, but if you want to really surprise her for a higher price than the above you can go for the fully personalized hand-writter letter blanket which doesn’t have to be from dauther, can be also from son, so get started on the letter, you have 400 characters max and tell her how you feel about her, or maybe even ask your brother or sister to be part of this amazing unqiue gift and split the price.

Unique gift for mom Birth Month Flower Scarf
Buy it now – $48

A Gift for the Birthday Mom: Birth Month Flower Scarf

Most moms love flowers and each month is associated with a flower and it’s symbolization, so why not this perfect gift for mom’s birthday and this light scarfs are a fit for any occasion. I got one for my mom last February which symbolizes the flower Violet – loyalty and faithfulness, she loved it!

Unique gift for mom Bunny Family Garden Sculptures Set of 5
Buy it now – $45

A Gift for Mom’s Garden: A Set of Five Bunnies

Add some bunnies to the family, these cuties will surely brighten you mom’s garden. Maybe even name them together to make it even more fun and bonding with your mom!

Wooden Owl Eyeglass holder
Buy it now – $8.69

A Gift for Mom that Misplaces her Eyeglasses

With this useful gift she won’t misplace her glasses anymore, this wooden sunshine is my personal favorite for a mom but there are more to choose from and they are all handcrafted in India.

Home is wherer mom is pillow
Buy it now – From $7.99

“Home is Wherever Mom is” Pillow Case

Show your mom how much she means to you with this unique gift for mom. Available in different sizes and shapes.

unique gifts for mom picture hanger
Buy it now – $21

A Gift for Mom that has too Many Pillows

If you liked the message on the pillow but like most moms, she already has too many, here is something she most likely doesn’t have. Print you favorite pictures, find the perfect spot to hang and there you go, something unique that she will love everyday.

unique gifts for mom melody box
Buy it now – $17.99

A Gift for Mom that is your Sunshine

It’s tiny, it’s personalized and it has a melody. First if you don’t already know the song, you can have a listen on youtube here. Chances are your mom knows the song and might remind here of the good old days, but non the less, it’s a nice song. The box has a lovely message to mom, and a “Remember I love you” message when the melody box is closed.

Unique gift for mom Jade Roller Gua Sha Set Facial Beauty Tools
Buy it now – $9.99

A Gift for the Beautiful Mom

This face massager will help her freshen up, it will benefit her with muscle tension relief and lymphatic drainage; reduce facial puffiness and help the skin look fresh; firm the skin and make it look dewy and lifted.

Gifts for mom mama bear slippers
Buy it now – From $19

A Gift for Mom that Likes to get Cosy

These cute mama bear fluffy slipper will make her feel like she’s walking on clouds, this cozy and soft gift for mom is available in multiple colors.

Gifts for mom fuzzy fleece socks
Buy it now – $12.99

4 Pairs Fuzzy Fleece socks

And if your mom likes to be cosy, these pair of socks are suitable for indoors and when going out with boots. She will love the cute little heart at the bottom of these socks.

Unique gift for mom Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager
Buy it now – $39.99

A Gift for Mom that Loves Massages: Neck and Back Massager

Is she one of does moms who doesn’t want anything, she will surely change her mind with this gift and pretty sure she will love you even more for this gift. This neck massager will help your mom better with alleviate muscle soreness, ease neck stiffness, eliminate constant fatigue and it’s easy and safe to use, we have tried this and it is really soothing and so does thousands of buyer, you might even want to buy one for yourself after trying it.

Unique gift for mom Heart Shaped Spoons
Buy it now – $12.99

A Gift for Mom that Loves Ice-Cream

Enjoy some ice-cream with your mom with these unique heart shaped spoons. And when you are not close by, she can remember this gift from her loving dauther or son.

Unique gift for mom Nixplay 10.1 Inch Smart Digital Picture Frame
Buy it now – $179.99

A Gift for Mom that Likes Pictures: Smart Digital Picture Frame

Gift your mom this top-selling frame and stay connected everyday. You can share your picture and videos (15 sec max) from anywhere in the world from you phone, you can invite others to share pictures to mom’s frame, create a photo-sharing network for your family.

Birthday gift for her fancy diffuser
Buy it now – $47.97

A Gift for Mom that Loves Relaxing Scents

Make your mom’s home smell like a spa, the perfect gift for mom when she needs to de-stress after a long day. This will run relaxing scents like lavender and chamomile for up to 12 hours with 6 nature relaxing sounds and 7 color night lights, surely she will thank you everytime for this.

Unique gift for mom Magicfly Candle Making Kits for Adults Candle Beginners DIY Starter Set
Buy it now – $39

A Gift for Mom that Loves Crafts

Get your mom busy and creative, it’s healthy for the mind to create things and also fun. She will love doing these easy to make scented candles for herself and for sure you will get a candle made by mom.

Unique gift for mom Moms Custom Recipe Book
Buy it now – From $30.75

A Gift for Mom that Loves to Cook

If your mom loves the kitchen she will love this book spine, she will brag about it and will cook with even more love. Oh! and they have more designs and sizes to choose from.

Unique gift for mom Mother and daughter custom portrait
Buy it now – $17.99

A Gift for Mom that Loves Art

This unique personalized gift for your mom is something she will cherish forever and will show her how much you appreciate her. They have different designs to choose from and the people are fully customizable and easy to do, you can choose from mother and son or daughter, mother daughter and son to mother and five daughters.

Unique gift for mom Personalized Magic Box
Buy it now – $34.70

I Love Mom Light Box

This cute little projection box will light up your mom’s face every time she turns it on and you can have it in any text you want.

Unique gift for mom RENPHO Foot Massager Machine with Heat
Buy it now – $150

For the Mom that Loves Foot Rubs

For the mom that loves foot rubs, this will get you off the job. Simple to use foot massager, equipped with rotation ball, rolling stick, heating and air compression offers a deep kneading Shiatsu foot massage. Relieve foot pain from plantar fasciitis, improve blood flow, reduce physical exhaustion through foot nerve reflex, and promote better sleep. And if she prefers a foot spa or if you have a lower budget you can go for the Sensio Foot Spa Massager for $40.

Unique gift for mom Individual Mom Coasters
Buy it now – $5.32 each

For the Mom that Hates Ring Stains

It’s very common that moms hate those ring stain on the furniture, this will help her prevent those stains along with reminding her of you love for her.

Satin Full Bed Sheets
Buy it now – From $23.99

Satin Bed Sheets for Mom

These soft and silky sheets will make you want to sleep next to your mom all over again.

Heart Plaque For Mom
Buy it now – $10.47

Heart Plaque For Mom

Thank her for being there with this hanging heart for that special mom. Can also be used as a gift tag, or this flower shaped plaque.

Gartner Studios Pink and Floral Travel Set
Buy it now – $13.89

For the Mom that Loves to Travel

For the mom that loves to travel or about to, from now on she will travel in style. Maybe even team up with your sibling and book a vacations for the best mom, we are sure she will love this gesture from daughters and sons together.

Bathrobe For Mom
Buy it now – $19.99

Bathrobe For Mom

Made of 100% Turkish Cotton, this will make her feel comfy and cozy, perfect after a home spa or just everyday on those cold nights.

MKF Handbag
Buy it now – $39.99

For the Mom that Loves Handbags

You won’t go wrong with a casual and stylish handbag for your mom, with plenty of room to carry everything which is available in 33 different color styles. And if you are the dauther why not get one for yourself in a different color and go out for a nice mother, daughter birthday lunch in style.

Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner
Buy it now – $39.99

For the Mom with Lots of Jewelry

Most moms have a lot of jewelry and it’s not easy to keep them clean which is important, this machine will easily clean her jewelry, eyeglasses, watches and more, so why not clean also yours on your next visit to mom’s place or if you live with her even better.

gift for mom Bangle Watch and Bracelet Set
Buy it now – $139.95

Gift for Mom that Jewelry is never too many

If your mom is one that loves jewelry and thinks that it’s never enough, this amazing bangle, watch and bracelet set will surely cheer her up, and as a plus the set comes in a fancy box which makes it the perfect gift set.

Chromecast with Google TV
Buy it now – $49.99

For the Mom that Loves TV: Google Chromcast

Get your mom into new technology, this device will allow her to watch to use any of the popular streaming service along with other features, but lets get her started with that for now. Latest version also includes remote control and voice control, but if you have a lower budget just go for the Google Chromecast at just $29.99.

Nest Mini
Buy it now – $34.99

For the Mom that need Help at Home: Nest Mini

Too many things this mini speakers can do so lets just get to the imports ones, apart from the obvious plays music, this smart speaker can answer questions just by speaking to it, you can play games with it and will surely keep your mom company! If you want to know more what it can do visit Google’s Nest help here.

KOIOS Immersion Hand Blender
Buy it now – $29.99

For the Kitchen Mom

Apart from blending, she can use it as a egg beater, whisk and milk frother, handy and will save her some space in the kitchen.

Philips SmartSleep Wake Up Light Therapy Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation
Buy it now – $49.95

For the Mom that needs Sunshine

Not an ordinary alarm clock, this will wake up your mom feeling more refreshed, with Sunrise Simulation and sound gradually increasing in volume to complete the wake up experience which is clinically proven and recommended by physicians and pharmacists for establishing a healthy sleep and wake routine. She will love more each morning.

Buy it now – From $1

A Gift for Mom that Loves Celebrities: Personalized Celebrities Videos

If you really want to surprise your mom, get her a personalized video message from a celebrity, you might even find her favorite celebrity or an actor from her favorite show or her favorite musician, there are 1000s to choose from. This will surely be a gift that she will remember for ever. We know this ca get a little expensive from certain celebrities, so why not make it from daughter and son, sisters or brothers.

Customized pot holders
Buy it now – $6.14 each

A Gift for Mom/Best Friend

Pot holders with a meaningful message for your special mom. This can be for mother’s day, her birthday or christmas, from the daughter or from the son. Our favorite message “Home is where your mom is”.

Galaxy 14k Solid Gold Necklace with Natural Peridots
Buy it now – $258

A Gift for Mom that Loves Green

If you are looking for an elegant gift for your mom, this classy necklace will fit perfectly on your beautiful mom. And let’s face it, she surely deserves it.

unique gift for mom funny candle
Buy it now – $23.75

A Gift for Mom with a Sense of Humor

Why not a funny gift but with a nice scent. This will make your mom laugh especially if she has a good sense of humor and you really are her financial burden but still her little girl. This organic soy 25oz candle will burn for 70 hours.

Funny Dish Towels
Buy it now – $14.75

Funny Dish Towels for Mom

A funny gift is always more fun to give. These dish towel will make your moms kitchen more fun, you have an option to personalize the bottom test “Mom’s kitchen” for example and if you want more than one they have a great discount.

Bath Towels Set Turkish Cotton
Buy it now – $39.99

Turkish Cotton Towels Gift for Mom

These super soft Turkish bath towels will make your mom feel like she’s at the spa. Available in eight different colors.

Funny Face Socks
Buy it now – From $8.60

Funny Gift for Mom

We can’t get enough of funny gifts, as described in the image you can get either your face or your moms face on these custom printed socks. Will smile every time she puts them on.

gifts for mom chef wine cover
Buy it now – $16.99

A Gift for Mom that Loves Wine

Does you mom like wine? First pick a nice bottle of wine, here’s an article Choosing a wine in a supermarket to help you pick the right one. Grab that perfect bottle of wine and gift it to you mom in this cute chef wine cover, this will surely make her smile.